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A Gillo is an extremely incompetent and moronic IT Support technician.

Every tech support team has at least one Gillo working there. They can differ in their characteristics

*A tendency to over exaggerate their job title, then spell it incorrectly on the global directory.

*Insistence that whenever that update/upgrade/downtime happens, they knew about it weeks ago, but didn't tell anyone because they're "only "helpdesk and I'm 1st Line/2nd Line".

*The ability to almost fully disappear up the nearest manager's arse.

*Severe incapability to string together a verbal or written sentence.

*General technical incompetence, with a tendency to leave PC's in a worse state than when he started on them.

*Often utters "Gilloisms", which is like a form of IT Tourettes consisting of random and inaccurate snippets of information.

*Questionable personal hygine at best.
"You fucking Gillo, you really messed up this PC"
by Gillo April 19, 2005
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