A app with teenagers that mostly communicate through Kik. When you argue with a user, they will reply by saying things attacking your amount of followers, calling you ugly, or saying gtfo. If a Gifboom-famous person gets upset by someone, they will tell their 10,000+ followers to report the offender. Everyone says they want creative gifs, but always like the pointless ones. Users that make creative gifs get bombarded with the question 'What app?' Gifboom famous people will have hate on their gifs, with a bunch of people trying to stick up for them with silly comebacks.
user 1: omg you're cute, kik?

user1: 30 likes on this gif or i quit gifboom!

user 1: omg what app?
user 2: fotorus.

user 1: you're ugly.
user 2: @user1 like she is my role model. leave her alone.
user 3: gtfo @user1

user 1: he never replies to comments and follows like no one!
user 2: he has a life, so leave him alone @user1
user 3: unfollow them. jeez. @user1
original gif poster: you guys are so annoying. seriously, stop!
by Syndi July 25, 2012
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An app that claims to be the easiest way to share your life in motion through a series of moving pictures. You simply take a video, add some effects, and express yourself in the moment. Available for both apple and android users, apple kids have the perks with better quality and bios; which android users cannot see.

It has evolved into a social network, like Instagram; sometimes with drama. People always whine about the popular page, but most of the time they want to be on it.

Some people say that the popular page only has room for creativity. That isn't part of Gifboom's mission statement (read first paragraph). A lot of the gifs are from Tumblr or the internet. The popular page has very specific rules.

The most followed people are young celebrities like Bruce Jenner's daughters and Will Smith's kids. People on Gifboom tend to communicate via Kik messenger. Some even use it as a dating service.
kid #1: Hey, you're cute. what's your kik?

kid #2: Are you new to Gifboom? It's in my bio.
kid #1: Sorry. I'm on Android.

bro #1: Bro, I'm a hipster. I made a galaxy gif!

bro #2: Dude! I saw it Gifboom's popular page.
by justatexan June 29, 2012
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