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Getting a semi-gentle smack on the back of your head after you do or say something stupid or make a sarcastic comment.
Named after Supervisory Special Agent Leory Jethro Gibbs from the tv show NCIS who smacks his team on the back of the head (most often DiNozzo) when they say or do something stupid, make a sarcastic comment or a joke about him. This action is referred to by his team as being 'Gibbslapped'
by Mal Reynolds August 29, 2008
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the art of slapping the upside of your head, usually follows after someone says or does something insanely stupid. Leroy Gethro Gibbs started this trend in NCIS to knock some sense into his team.
Also can be used as a warning before a bitch slap.
Laura gave me a gibb slap after she found out that the fall off the roof hadn't hurt me.

Girl 1: My boyfriend and I broke up last night when I bitch slapped him for checking out another girl's ass
Girl 2: You should have just gave him a gibb slap and you two would still be together.
by peoplelovesogs October 07, 2009
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The slap you get on the back of the head by a superior intellect when you say or do something stupid.
When the said " Why do I have to wash the dishes? " They just gets dirty again." my wife Gibbslapped me.
by Tony Kessler November 26, 2016
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