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An amazing person. May or may not be a 'sex god'. Hilarious; loves to make others laugh and is good at it. Nice hair. Seems shy until you get to know him. He's dearly loved although he may not know or feel this. As soon as one meets him, they would immediately realise he's very special, and is a person who will eternally be there to carry them through the good and hard times. His smile brightens everyone's day!

This man would sacrifice a great deal to help the people he loves, and will always be there in a heartbeat if they needed him. Friendly to all, but only opens up to those he's really close with. A good judge of character by most people's standards. Most often fluent in more than one language. A very caring man, could have a temper once in a while, but overall is a great person to be around.
Super Awesome Dude: Hi, Gianick.
Gianick: wuR
by White`Niqqa August 09, 2012
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