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When three or four individuals walk side-by-side down a place of public passage, such as a small alleyway, taking up unnecessary space and often causing annoyance to passers-by coming in both directions. Often done by uncouth teenagers or slow-walking old age pensioners. Named after the characteristic walk of the main characters in the film "Ghostbusters" or the cartoon show "The Real Ghostbusters."
Chav 1: Hey guys, here come some ghostbustin' grannies, this alley aint big enough for the both of us.
by coazeau January 20, 2013
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While smoking you blow out the smoke and have your friend suck it back up. In this situation your smoke is a ghost and your friend is bustin.
-Hey man, I just got a twenty sack wanna do some ghostbustin?
-Who you gunna call for ghostbustin?
by zoltangy September 13, 2011
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