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A fictional type of marijuana that will make you sound and kick it like your favorite rapper (from De La Soul's album Art Official Intelligence).
Hey hip-hoppers, tired of that old trend of ghostwriters? Well here's the newest sensation that's sweepin the nation! Ghost weed! Ghost weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!
by WallabeeKid August 05, 2010
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marijauna that is really good, but you don't realize how strong it is until 20 minutes later
Man, that was ghost weed! I'm totally fuckin' stoned.
by none of your fucking business November 17, 2003
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(1)Marijuana usually laced with other drugs (PCP,Crystal Meth, heroin, embalming fluid) to make the high hit harder. Basically, the Marijuana version of a Dipper.

(2) Counterfeit Marijuana that is simply regular grass with household chemicals to give you a funny high. Made by drug dealers who feel that they can make it cheaply at the price of regular marijuana.
(1) Jake is tripping off of that ghost weed he bought outside.

(2) They beat up that drug dealer after they found it was nothing but Ghost Weed
by F-40 February 28, 2004
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