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A detroit based street gang and rap group signed onto Wu-Tang Records, started in 2003, spread across the midwest with rapidly growing numbers, noted by their necklaces that say:
G 8 15 19 20 19

Or grey/black/white urban camoflauge bandanas hanging from the back left pocket.

Consists of all races, allied with infamous biker gangs, and fellow street gangs.

Rival to the street gangs Bloods, Latin Kings, and Vice Lords.
"Eyo, I heard the GHOST SQUAD replaces they names wit numbaz nigga, how the fuck they gon' do that and NOT get noticed?"

"Ghost Squad - Jihad - Wu-Tang!"
by JihadAllStar July 11, 2005
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A small group of Blackhat hackers that cause havoc on popular Instagram pages, small companies and anybody they disagree with. They typically go after targets with a large following on social media sites and applications like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The organizations end goal is unclear, but the one thing that is clear about these hackers is that if you come across them DO NOT piss them off.
The Ghost Squad hackers took down another popular Instagram account, this the tenth time this week!
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A word that describes happiness within a group of people for a successful team effort.

often accompanied by a variant of a high five.
dude - i can't believe we got away with stealing apples from that angry old farmer dude!
dude 2 - ghost squad!
by atrace September 05, 2008
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