To put a car into neutral and hop on top of it while bumpin' some fresh beats. Looks especially cool when you get hit by an oncoming car.
"Pardon, good passengers, but I could fancy some Mac Dre right about now. And furthermore, I think I'd like to Ghost Ride The Whip while listening to one of his more agreeable recordings."
by MostHorrorshow July 22, 2006
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The act of putting ones ride in neutral, opening all doors, placing the volume dial on 10, and simply rollin. One can also take the process up a notch and actually exit his/her ride. Once outside of the ride, one can dance and flow to the beat.
Ya smell me we gon' do it like this here (Oooh)
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip
Now... x8Scrape

-E-40, Tell Me When To Go
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When you "Ghost Ride the Whip," You get out of your vehicle and just with your hand on the steering wheel drive it like a ghos - Orgin - The Bay Area
Hey Due ! did you all them Folk "Ghost Ride the Whip" in the E-40's Tell me When To Go, video?
by Gabriel Valenzuela April 10, 2006
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hanging outside of a whip with one hand on the steering wheel and the other in the air.
usualy, doors are closed and music is blastin'.
**bass must be turned all the way up**
" yo i was ghost ride the whipp'n last night and my mother called 5-0 on my ass.
by Becklot February 12, 2007
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Getting out of a car to walk along side while the car rolls in neutral.
Don't go ghost riding the whip near any hills
by pnacolada March 20, 2006
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A car trick, done by setting the car in neutral then allowing for the car to roll ahead or down a hill, while the driver walks along side the car to give an impression of a ghost driving the car, without letting it get out of control of course.
I was Ghost Riding The Whip when my car spun out and hit a pedestrian
by X3rok3wl July 16, 2006
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Bay Area Slang - To hop out your scraper while in gear and walk wit it.
Mayng, them fools was going hella dumb at the sideshow, they was about to ghost ride the whip, but the fifty's rolled up.
by All Area Pimpin April 14, 2006
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