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ghosts of the past penises that you have been penetrated with
I tried to forget them but the ghost penises kept cumming back
by matemoscas May 27, 2016
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A ghost penis is an invisble penis you can't feel. Every female has one, you just can't see it. You can look behind it though.
Can I see your ghost penis?
Why its invisble.
But i can see whats behind it. (pick up)

Ross has a ghost penis and i saw it today!(insult)

i have a ghost penis and a vagina!
by louiseandberyl February 11, 2009
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A clumpy fold in your pants that looks like an erected penis.

Anthony Padilla from Smosh mentioned having a ghost penis in his video "the gym hates me".
"I hate when I have a ghost penis lump and it gets´╗┐ more awkward when a hot girl notices it and starts chuckling..."
by phantomimposter March 07, 2013
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When one becomes very high they may suddenly feel the urge to put two random words together and act as if they make a thought.
Person 1: Dude I am so high!
Person 2: Oh really, good for you
Person 1: I know I love it...oh hey did you do that homework?
Person 2: Yeah, what homework do you need?
Person 1: GHOST PENIS!
by El Senor Cheeto October 25, 2004
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