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A musical blend of Heavy Metal and Funk music played by Blacks from the Ghetto.
Man that band Living Colour sure can play that Ghettometal music! Body Count, 24-7 Spyz, Bad Brains, Scoonie...all them Brothas play that Ghettometal music!
by Metal Monster December 05, 2012
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A mixture between metal and rap. Example: ICP, Tech9, HedPe
"Hey let's go see Tech9"
"No thank you I'm not into Ghetto Metal"
by Shmooziedooziedooo June 16, 2017
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(n): A musical genre combining rap and heavy metal. Usually performed by corny white guys, but not always.
"Eh, I don't really like Limp Bizkit, I'm not really into Ghetto Metal."
by Tommy March 25, 2003
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Bands like Swayzak 1 TOM Robot 0 who perform metal in and about the ghetto. Overlaps with parking lot metal.
Ghetto metal is the best.
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by YoukoM April 19, 2018
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