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Ragged trash bags that are infinitely stuck in tree branches.
What's that in the tree behind Jamal's apartment ..oh it's just a ghetto-ghost.
by Rometti January 28, 2017
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That conspicuous patch of paint used to cover up graffiti. Stands out as brighter than the color of the rest of the building/property.
You want to see a ghetto ghost? Go to Reno. They've got tons of 'em.
by Trogador May 19, 2010
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A low battery chirp coming from your smoke detector
The ghetto ghost won’t stop haunting me

. But I’m to cheap and lazy to spend the buck to appease it wants .
by Jimmy jimmy January 12, 2018
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That neighbor that posts live videos of what's going on the neighborhood. Always always watching and recording and keeping track of all the good and bad in the hood
Oh snap the ghetto ghost posted again on you tube
by trickster29 September 11, 2016
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