A neighborhood or business climate that facilitates extensive amounts of poverty, crime, lack of education and joblessness.
(1) Since the thugs got out of jail, the mall they be hangin in is ghetto up.
(2) Our hood used to be nice, but since the police left, it's ghetto up.
by d-harrell October 19, 2003
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adjective: 1) madeover to fit "ghetto" culture/lifestyle, 2) trashed, vandalized, or cheapened (derogatory)
1)My brother had the worst CD collection until I ghettoed it up.

2)While I was on vacation, my roommate ghettoed up our apartment with a purple leopard print couch and a poster of "50 Cent".
by iyaorisha December 29, 2004
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When a person sweeps ANYTHING that is on the ground and puts it in one huge pile. In the pile may include people's belongings so, the owners of their things have a time limit given to them and if they don't get there stuff by then, well its in the trash.
"Damn! You gonna ghetto sweep up all ma sh*t ?!"
by Major Setback March 06, 2010
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Without class or moral distinction of any kind.
"Man, did you see that shit? He straight up licked that bitch's face! Man, that is straight up ghetto!"
by Anjin'sGal December 02, 2011
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