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The term used to describe when a man fathers two children in the same month with two different women. see also Ghetto Tripplets; Ghetto Quads and Octo Ghetto.
My brother is such a man slut, he has fathered two sets of Ghetto Twins, in the same f*#@*&% year!
by ddrage April 17, 2009
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A pair of lazy, diseased adolescent females that will crash at your house for a "couple days" the moment they think you'll let them. And by a couple days, the Ghetto Twins mean a month. Beware this rare breed, and by all means, do not come into contact with any part of their bare skin. Also, they will become permanently attached to your couch if you do not take preemptive evasive action.
"Man, I'd throw the Ghetto Twins' shit out the second-story window, but I'm afraid to touch it without a full chemical suit!"
by Tinkerbellkicksass April 20, 2006
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