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Small liberal arts school in the south central pa, about an hour and a half from washington or baltimore. Gettysburg's academic programs can be either very challenging or very easy. For example, the typical gettysburg management major ( the schools watered down version of business) can go out 7 nights a week and still manage to get As and Bs. Meanwhile, students with majors within the science department are rarely seen out on days other than friday or saturday due to very demanding coursework and slightly biased liberal arts core requirements. Also, Gettysburg College has a huge emphasis on Greek Life. Almost all upperclassmen are somehow involved, which is advantageous because theres not much else to do during the weekend otherwise. Meanwhile, the school waters down the percent of greek students to incoming students, not mentioning that freshman arent allowed to rush. so thats about 600-700 kids that arent in greek life because they arent allowed to be. The majority of Gettysburg students are white upper-middle to upper class students. Don't be surprised to see a lot of pastels, popped collars, lilly pulitzer, and loafers on both men and women. Also, most students are conservative; however, the presence of liberals on this campus has been growing in the past years. Overall, Gettysburg is an Ok place to go. Most importantly a degree from Gettysburg looks great regardless of who you are. Just expect to fit the image
Typical Gettysburg College Conversation

Lacrosse Player IV: hey whats open tonight?

Abbreviated Last Name III: i hear ato, tke, sae, and fiji. ato opens after their mixer with chio and sae opens after its mixer with dg.

Lacrosse Player IV: SICK!
by hdibs May 06, 2007
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Small liberal arts college in South Central PA. Famous for being a civil war hospital during the battle of Gettysburg. Populated mostly by kids from New Jersey and New England.

Also referred to as "Gburg"
I can't believe that I only have one year left at Gburg...
by bittydit July 12, 2005
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The whitest school in America. Actually, the world.
Gettysburg College, damn there's a lot of white kids here.
by therealpapi January 30, 2018
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