The kind form of bread you can get without getting fat
also means: work hard
other words for get this bread
1. grind
2. hustle
by tahragic November 2, 2018
To get the money, to accomplish something very successfully, can also be said as "let's gain this grain", "lets land this loaf" and many others.
Kid #1: We have to get this bread at the basketball game.
Kid #2: Aight.
by oofmynutz April 10, 2019
This term refers the making of money in a normal sense but apparently at ashley ridge it means let's have a hundred freshmen thots fighting over irrelevant things like their fake street cred. and putting the whole school on lockdown ILT for 6 months because nobody knows how to stfu and pass highschool
Tarquisha: Sharquisha hold my weave
Sharquisha: why?
Tarquisha: I'm about to get this bread
by POKEMON.COM October 30, 2018
A phrase humans can say just as much as pigeons can
The only bread you can get without getting fat
also means: work hard
other words for get this bread
1. hustle
2. grind
by tahragic November 2, 2018
A phrase originally used to mean "let's get money" as bread=dough and dough is a common slang term for money. Nowadays, the term"let's get this bread" is more loosely defined as a sort of battlecry in a sense, calling upon the will of the person(s) to succeed, not necessarily in just gaining monetary funds. It may also be taken more literally as well, as the loaf of bread (or any bread in general) can be a very powerful symbol and source of hype for a crowd.
*About to get your paycheck* "Awe yeah, let's get this bread!"

*At a crowded Key Club event at Six Flags, and you pull two loaves of bread out from under your sweatshirt* "AWE YEAH, LET'S GET THIS BREAD!!" *crowds of other Key clubbers notice and start chanting along with you* "BREAD, BREAD, BREAD..."

Synonyms: Let's yeet this wheat, let us attain/obtain the grain, let's feast on this yeast, let's empower this flour, let's go with the dough, let's entrust this crust
by Breadman Chris October 23, 2018