Taking it up the ass, getting your backdoor slammed so hard that the hinges fall off.
Tony: Did you manage to convince her for a shagg?
Lamar: Yeh man i reamed her like a donkey. She is getting railed on a daily basis.
Tony: Ahh send me some ass when your done.
by butt inspector January 17, 2010
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The act of fucking the living shit out of something or someone, preferably a female.
dicking someone down hard but I an ultimate sexually satisfying way causing multiple orgasms and pleasure through intense hardcore dominant sex resulting in a state of cumatose it’s like getting mentally branded
I’m just saying keep throwing that ass on me playing around and your gonna get railed

Boyy you not readyy for this

by Bend over and take it raw February 11, 2021
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"Is get railed like a sexual thing?"
"No, it means get back on track. Get Railed,"
by ClearUnicorn September 2, 2016
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- Sara Lee commented with a few eggplants, water drop, a train and a ghost emoji and that's a reference to?

- Getting railed to death, yes.
by Larrygotcockblocked November 19, 2019
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On October 15, you have to get railed or rail someone. If you don’t get railed or rail someone, you will get cursed and die.
Tiff: babe! It’s Get railed day!! Rail me so we don’t get the curse!
Jake: ok, come here and let’s fuck.. ;)
by Biggestdickinthecentury October 4, 2020
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