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Your about to Get hurt from Braun
Heath Slater try’s to help his tag team partner
Braun Grabs a mic and say
“Look, you got two options, you cheerleader: You're either gonna stand on the floor and shut your mouth or you're gonna get in the ring and get these hands like your partner."
by DeanGallows February 15, 2018
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Something a typical "toughest PUSSY in the room" thug wannabe says before beating up a woman stupid enough to be with him, or getting his worthless illiterate ass beaten to a pulp by any normal adult male.
Necktat shitbag: "bitch you think you better than me just cuz you can read? You bout ta get these hands bi-"

(Necktat shitbag is suddenly unconscious)
by Ham bone McSteve May 19, 2015
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