To get destroyed in an argument
You just got memed on so hard kid
Get memed on faggot
by Thememesarehere June 8, 2016
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To be verbally or physically humiliated so badly there deserves to be a meme made about you
*a {boi} gets dunked on* Ohhhhhhh get memed bro
by Dopeturtle August 22, 2016
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Pretty much means anything you want it to. Your teacher randomly gives you a pop quiz? You got memed on. You accidentally go left instead of right? Memed on. Originated solely because I started to say “get dabbed on” unironically, so I needed to think of something worse than that.
Dude, we are totally going to get memed on at the tournament this weekend.
by 420 praise it January 12, 2018
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