1. The Act of completley domininating an opponent, drawing the attention of everyone around.
Guy 1: Crosses over guy 2 and dunks over him and tea bags him while on the rim.
by Mr. I GET BIG September 7, 2009
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Refers to the act of weight lifting or pumping iron.
Skinny guy 1: Damn, that's a lot of weight you pressing!

Skinny guy 2: I know son, I'm trying to get big!
by komkrkt December 30, 2005
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to bulk up, gain muscle
also, someone who is "big" is someone who is strong
Raul: Hey where you going today after school?
Danny: I'm heading out to the gym.
Raul: Getting big?
Danny: Yep....
by CutiePatootieSatanPoop October 13, 2007
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As a verb, it is used to describe a future action in which one exceeds the normal outcome. For example: If you are about to eat more food than average, you might say "I am going to get big in the kitchen." Can be used in a variety of ways: in reference to eating, fighting, taking a test, anything.
Somebody just got big in the bathroom.

I am going to get big in the andrology lab today.

Get big with that panhandler.

I'm hungry as shit, let's get big.
by bro-zeph November 18, 2005
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getting big is when you love somebody so much you just have to love them a lot and you love them and care about them so you grow and thats why every thanksgiving you get 5 because of your loved ones.
I just watched those mushrooms “getting big”
by forkoutlet November 26, 2020
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A) When you J(make a basket in a defedners face) some one in basketball
B) When you block someones shot in basketball

A) *Kobe J's Mo Peterson*
"Kobe just told him to GET BIG!"
B) *Tayshuan Prince blocks Reggie Miller*
"Tayshaun said GET BIG!"

Note- *___*=an action
by Ardi D. October 15, 2006
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used as a derogatory comment for someone weak or of small stature

the first time i heard it some black kid with a lazy eye said it to me at a basketball court
by Frankie H June 24, 2004
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