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A amazing beautiful girl, wonder full in every way possible, allway there for you and never turns her back on, you may be horrible to her but allways make it up to her, treat her like a princess and your be her prince, and live happy ever after for ever
Georgia is my princess she is so beautiful
by Carl12343 February 4, 2018
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Georgias know just how to blow your fucking mind. You can spend all day with Georgia and you'll never get bored. Georgias are stunning too, they tick all the boxes. They are smart, funny, determined and beautiful. Georgia's will come across as good girls, but that quickly changes if you ever get one between the sheets, be ready.
Georgia is THE perfect girl
by #NWC September 2, 2016
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a girl that is so amazingly sexy all guys dribble when they see her.
boy: i've just started dribbling, there must be a Georgia near
by littleboy March 4, 2008
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Name-- You are a sarcastic girl, who is loud when with people most comfortable with, but shy when meeting new people. Good in school, no one really hates you. You have friends, and only a couple close friends. Sporty, but you do have a girly side to you. Some one who loves to laugh, smile, and dance around. Creative, has a wild imagination. Many people like you, so don't worry. You have the best name in the world. =D

State-- Nice, cool state. Good people and good food.

GEORGIA (in both terms) IS AWESOME!
Guy 1--I just met some amazing girl.

Guy 2-- Really. What's her name?
Guy 1-- I don't know... All i know is she was funny caring and just... amazing. -sighs-

Guy 2-- You must have met a Georgia.

by Georgiee<3 August 30, 2009
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A woman who has conquered all, a fierce female warrior who has a firey passion for all life. She has the strength of 20 men but a heart of a lamb. Don't cross her, once you cross her it is hard to gain her back. Will not tolerate fake people, liars or drama queens. Once she is your friend, you will have a loyal friend for the rest of your life.
GEORGIA fire burning so bright and hot that it will consume you in a split second
by GEORGIA LYNN December 7, 2016
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Whilst sometimes thought to be the name of an American state, this definition refers to a name. Georgia is the name of a girl typically associated with the Australian sub-species of bogans. Typically seen wearing tight pants and with attire typical of the 80's/90's. Georgia's also have a tendency to be poor housekeepers and dishes will often be left unwashed for days.
Person 1: Oh wow, do you ever clean your dishes? Looks like something's living there!
Person 2: Nah I just leave it until I can be bothered.
Person 1: You should've been called Georgia.
by Grant Owen Davies February 28, 2013
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A Fun loving carefree girl! she is a boss as bitch and Beyoncé is the flesh CAUSE SHE SLAY! Doesn't give a fuck about what others say! She speaks her mind (both normal and dirty) !! She knows how to have fun and is the life of the party
Guy 1: " Yo! man I met this girl and she was hot and funny and... Idk just beautiful!"

Guy 2: "Oh so you met GEORGIA"

Georgia Funny Slay
by FuckGirl6969 December 26, 2016
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