As a self-taught Irish mathematician, logician, and philosopher that spent time as the first professor of mathematics at Queen’s Collage, Cork. He invented the Boolean logic, which later became the Boolean algebra. He Is also known for his book, The Laws of Thought (1854), which contains Boolean algebra
Born: Nov. 2, 1815
Died: Dec. 8, 1864
Boolean logic is credited with laying the foundations for the Information Age.
Guy: “Hey, Do you know who George Boole was?”
Other guy: “bruh
by LongJohnJohn October 12, 2020
A pompous rat bastard who is a blight to humanity and students of logic (himself being completely illogical). A loser who didn't know what to do with his life, and hence made everyone else's life miserable, following in the footsteps of Aristotle (the original pain in the arse).
He's as painful to listen to as George Boole.
by HowAboutANo November 22, 2021