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The term was coined during the Bush administration by a Democrat who felt George W. Bush often disregarded the first amendment and the right to free speech. The term was subsequently banned by the Republican Tea Party and Bush followed up with covertly adjusting several laws which violated the constitution in effort to keep the term suppressed. When Obama took office the ban on the term was lifted.

George Wambushed means that one has either literally or figurative been violated and AMBUSHED in the most extreme and plunder-some way known to mankind. Figuratively it means that a person or group has been bombed and sunken with a trillion tons of stupid stinky shit. And the literal meaning is that one has undergone a violent mugging or extreme rape.
PETE steps into an EMPTY HOUSE. Up ahead he SEES the BACK of a MAN slumped in a chair by a window.

PETE: Hey Franky how are ya?

"Franky" The MAN slumped in a chair - remains silent and still.

PETE: Franky? What's going on? Franky? How come. . .

PETE'S eyes BULGE wide. Blood drips from Franky's temple. A gun in one hand. NOTE in the other.


My child Joe was maimed in Iraq and no longer knows who I am. After he was denied health benefits I covered them and the bank has now seized my house. I've been GEORGE WAMBUSHED. I know the Tea Party was mad I spent my money on my sons health as they wanted the funds. I left a check for all I have left, made it out to Ben Bernanke, who George appointed to the Fed Reserve. Because I'm liberal I thought it best that I shoot myself now because after the damage done to my child in the Trillion-Dollar-War, after your rape of my finances, I don't have anything else to offer. Maybe you can suck something out of Joe. You will have to ask him directly which may be AWKWARD because he's maimed. Seeing what a real bomb can do to a human being can be AWKWARD. Finally I WILL my only possession left (This GUN) to Ron Paul. I don't believe in guns so it's not registered, but it was real easy to get. FYI - I know the Republicans are not crazy about cleaning up messes so I arranged to have my Democratic friend find me and wipe up the blood. -- Franky

George Bush Cheney screwed fucked sucked-dry screwed
by ECHOROCK November 30, 2011
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