When city council displaces renters to house the homeless. Akin to free energy proponents believe that making people homeless will solve homelessness.

Imminent signs of Reverse Gentrification include large encampments of tents and homeless people at parks or other public locations, that move elected officials to buy your rental homes to solve the problem.

Usually results in urban charm to your neighborhood. You can expect frequent visits from police, fire department and other first responders.
Tenant1: We all got notice to vacate and I'm not sure we can stay in the area.
Tenant2: No worries. I hear Reverse Gentrification is helping out folks like us.

Council1: I got a great idea, let's buy homes to shelter homeless!
Council2: Displace people to house people, you mean Reverse Gentrification?
Council1: Yes...And we could harness free energy to pay the utilities!
Council2: Aren't we smart!
by YOMMA5G January 15, 2020
An intentionally ugly mullet that is popular with hipsters who are romantasizing being poor but actually have money.
"You know your rent is going up when those gentrification mullet folks pull up to your neighbourhood."
by scorpioscorpio February 17, 2021
An idea that the rising popularity in thrifting will increase the prices of second hand clothes in less wealthy areas, making it less affordable for the people that live there.

This may be true to an extent, however the increase in price would only be on high branded or popular items and doesn't take into account that not every item in store is branded, or that every person living on the breadline wants to be rocking a 90's Tommy grail.

This idea is shared amongst people that don't have any knowledge on the true scale of second hand clothing and think it will mean people will not be able to afford clothes anymore or that there is not enough to go around. This is completely false.
"Oh my god you got that Supreme piece second hand!? What about the poor people? That's Fashion Gentrification!" - Somebody who's jealous of seeing Tik Toks of people sharing their thrift hauls.
by Salvation Army Worker January 29, 2021
The act of keeping a certain areas property tax low instead of a percentage of what properties around them have sold for. A grandfather clause allowing lower income people to keep current tax rate until their property is sold.
With the increased amount of people moving to Austin the state could benefit from a anti-gentrification law that allows homeowners who have lived there more than 20 years to keep their existing tax rate.
by 4dppl July 9, 2020
High-end wooden fencing (often horizontal) used to make houses in the ghetto look upmarket.
Who're the new neighbors?

Yuppies. You can tell from the gentrifence.
by Shuaman April 1, 2018
1) When a movie scene becomes the first memory of a song rather than what you were doing when you first heard it. 1) using music to change the meaning of a song in order to support a different cause or belief.
1: Stuck In the Middle With You is a victim of Bobbi Gentrification. 2) Clinton is totally guilty of Bobbie Gentrification Fleetwood Mac's 'Don't Stop' by using it in his campaign.
by Ellis D. Mann August 25, 2022
wenn du deine shisha bar in neukölln verlässt um so zu tun als wärst du ein hipster in friedrichshain
it is corona but i do not care because i am just 20 years old. i saw that no one of the Friedrichshain people are checkin in so now it is time that me and all my friends hang out there because it is the only place in Berlin where we can fuck the law. so let us
go there and dominate the srteets with other stupid kids which are not from here \ö/ this is street gentrifibility.
by hans nr2 wurst October 4, 2020