Genous is a beautiful and well built young buck, who comes from a very long and (close lineage) of ( Southern Royalty). He seems to know a good thing when (he sees) it, and (doesn't hesitate) to pursue what he wants. He is very rarely quiet, unless he is spellbound. He has extremely large hands, and a long and gorgeous penis. I can only imagine what he can do with it! He is breathtakingly built. His shoulders are broad enough to land a Boeing 767 on and his body will make you (question) you're own (name) and moral compass! He better be up for (plural marriage). He seems like he needs 2 women anyway. He's 6'7'' at least in height. He is totally irresistible. One look from him and you become wet! Shall we say, he has that certain genus se qua about him. I don't enjoy french but you get the general view. He is a man in full! If you understand what I'm saying.
Is that Genous? Of course it is. Look at his ripped pecks! There goes Genous, he will be ours one day. Ohhhhh, and he is a serial eavesdropper!
by Lady Lecter 2 May 21, 2020
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Misspelled version of the more popular word "genius". Usually used to poke fun of people.
"YES, I got C- on this test again, I am a genous!!"
by Maximus Idious August 14, 2005
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Where one is a subject where he or she is constantly judased by a significant other that be if it’s them
The girl is using u for her money I told you she’s a genous
by Slapit May 26, 2022
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