A follower of the gray path which leads to the gray light.
wow, thos geno sure are enlightened, thy they follow the path and embrace the cowbell.
by obli October 3, 2003
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He is a doll that was empowered by a star spirit in a Super Mario game called Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Geno totally ass-raped Bowser there...i mean shit!
by MastaPo June 15, 2004
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Geno's is an excellant philly cheesesteak vendor located in South Philadelphia. They sell one of the best cheesesteaks you'll ever taste, 'nuff said. You also need to order it in a special way, don't ask for a cheesesteak when that's the only thing they have, because they obviously have it. Don't be a fucking idiot. Look to the example on how to order a "cheesesteak with cheesewhiz and no onions or peppers."
When going to Geno's, ask for;

I'll take a "whiz without". or...

I'll take a "provolone with".
by TonyTheBoss June 18, 2009
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Geno: the boy that all girls drop dead when they see. His blue eyes are so deep and you’ll constantly find yourself getting lost in them. He has blonde/brown hair that just makes you wanna explode. He’s quite shy and awkward but that’s one of his greatest features. He has an amazing smile even though you hardly see it. He likes sports and plays a lot. He’s very strong and caring. If you’re lucky enough to know a Geno odds are you have a crush on him. He’s hot. If you fall he’ll run over to try to catch you. If you cry he’ll hold you and comfort you. If you laugh he’ll laugh with you. If you blush he’ll blush back.

If you have a Geno in your life you’re lucky. Don’t lose him.
“Hey who’s that? He’s kinda hot...”
Oh that’s Geno.”
by Moonlitheart June 21, 2019
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" I am a geno"
by booth94 January 24, 2009
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In hockey, usually described as an Italian or more than likely other European person that play hockey and is really good at it, the term mainly comes from the use on Italian people. Genos are described with amazing hands, great shooting, great skating and wheel ladies all the time. Most people will say Genos are the more attractive players on the team. I can agree because I am one.
Girl: Who is #46?
Guy: That's ----- -------
Girl: He's such a Geno look at his eyes and the way he flicks his hair…
Guy: Look at that Geno ripping it top shelf.
by jhockey14 May 5, 2015
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