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The war miniseries from HBO that detailed the fucked-up road trip taken by the Marines of the First Reconnaissance Battalion during the US invasion of Mesopotamia.
Details the first months of Operation Iraqi Freedom in all its uncensored glory as seen from the eyes of a reporter embedded with Ricky Recon.
Based on a book Rolling Stone (Evan Wright) wrote.

AKA Kellan Lutz and Alexander Skarsgard's least gay-ass roles ever.
NAMBLA's (North American Man Boy Love Association) nefarious and various plots regarding world domination were first showcased on Generation Kill and thus Generation Kill deserves a haloed spot in the annals (and anals) of military history for detailing the extremely large cover-up of the rampant paedophilia of the liberal Communist dick-sucks of America.
- Summarized viewpoint of Philosopher Corporal Josh Ray Person (Recon Marine)

"You ain't nothin' if you ain't Generation Kill."

"I get a woody every time I get some, I must be Generation Kill."
by RainStormRaider January 18, 2012
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