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The brilliant Evan Wright also known as The Writer and even Batman is friends with handsome detective Manny Pardo. Evan covered a story on the Masked Maniac instead of the far more sophisticated Miami Mutilator. The Writer also was in Nam back in 1985. Evan also cleared a bathhouse filled with Russian Mobsters without killing any of em (that first guy was totally sleeping). Batman also cleared a subway crawling with scum and persevered without a scratch.
Remember that time Evan Wright hung out with the Thick Skinned Detective Pardo?
Remember that time Evan Wright took out a dangerous gang in a subway by himself?
by MosbeyBarney July 16, 2019
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tobe evan'ed is to systematicaly be manipulated it to thinking that the world owes you a living.manily assumed by guilt trips and compulsive lying in order to acheive a status of laziness!!
come on mr evan wright surley you can pay some rent or go to work,no man!! my knee hurts.
by i've been kneed August 25, 2008
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