when a gender reaches it's ultimate form. the final goal of every gender. it is said that a gender of genders gets a mega huge stat boost, and plus 75% chance of critical hits. the typical XXXL PEE-PEE size is expand to become a supreme mega large over nien thousend XXXXXXXXXL colossus PEE-PEE that nearly matches the insuperable size of Phil swifift PEE-PEE
by gendr mastr .com February 22, 2018
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A scam invented by bathroom companies to sell more bathrooms.
Ight it’s time to go into this unnessisarily gendered bathroom bye. Also enjoy purple guy
by Thisisnotapseudonymorisit November 7, 2020
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a word car companies made to sell more cars.
Car companies did this because they needed more sales, so they made the word gender
1: what is your gender
2: 2012 Toyota Venza.
1: what the fuck i just asked for your gender
2: oh i don't know ask my dog
dog: 2012 Toyota Venza.
1:what the fuck please i just want a simple answer
by Frog is stupid and dumb March 14, 2021
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Identifying as ether a tree with 2 stumps or a wet floor sign.
"Ah yes, the two genders. Tree with two stumps and wet floor sign."
by BlueGrass240 July 2, 2021
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A thing that some people do not have and can request from people as a joke.
Dono: Can I have some of your gender?
Ranboo: No
by Minecraftuser April 13, 2021
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A lie made by bathroom companies to sell more bathrooms
(A) what gender are you?
(B) gender is a social construct
(B) but I'm nonbinary thanks for asking
by BigDick$toner October 4, 2020
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