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Gemman is the language spoken by Gemmas, particularly those of the ruling class and/or royal blood.

Gemman is classed as its own language due to the fact it is spoken almost exclusively by Gemmas, and native only in room-sized sovereign states known as 'Gemma Wings'.

For those who want to recognise Gemman but do not speak it, the accent is characterised as shout-filled, vexed and jovial in equal measure, full of inappropriate flirtations and obscene remarks, and punctuated by frequent bouts of flatulance and giggling.
A Gemma: "I *giggle* NEED ketchup ON my *breaks wind* nutella!"

Companion 1: "Wha-? Did you understand that?"

Companion 2: "No, I think it's obvious the accent's Gemman, though".
by Endangered_Dodo March 02, 2011
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