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Geftard has the coldest eyes you've ever seen, a smile reeking of wickedness in hope to lure teenage girls. He has long hair, a beard and wears clothes from the thrift shop. He has more acne than a teenage boy, his swelling head compliments his ego but not his intellect. Geftard is like a cobra seeking it's prey, he may fool the young and vulnerable but not the quick-witted, street wise who can see right throught him. A superiority satire matches his appearance, manipulates and plans to get his end with no lack of empathy and no sense of remorse. He may strive for a position of power but his ignorant authoritarian behaivour will fail in every attempt. Geftard is purposefully manipulative in a relationship and his umbrelling guardedness uncovers his true motives and draws criticism.
Geftard will lead you to believe he wants the best for you through his so called unwanted knowledge. Often, you learn

via regret, but a girl attempting a relationship with Geftard should listen to the wise especially where your psychological state is of concern.
by Auroras friend May 29, 2018
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