An insult for a bad movie employing former A-list (now Z-list) celebrities, especially old male action heros, to spend only a few days acting in a movie so that it can be promoted with a known star. The movie has cheap production and very bad quality.

It's unclear whether the term refers to the the audience for such a movie (old people tricked into paying for a bad movie by a former star who only their age group would recognise), or the elderly actor cashing in on their reputation for very little effort.

The insult implies that the movie's production is a passionless cash grab, tricking an audience into paying for a movie with known actors but with minimal effort elsewhere. Such movies may have a cliché story, bad acting, bad cinematography, bad special effects, and so on, because the production was churning out movies.
Steven Seagal is in so many Geezer Teasers these days

You can skip 'Contract to Kill' it's a Seagal Geezer Teaser

I'd watch that Geezer Teaser
by holloway March 8, 2022
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A male or female, who uses body parts or words to attract someone of old age. Only to crush the older ones dreams.
Stripper are a good example of Geezer Teasers
by PanikOne February 4, 2010
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