(noun) A two-fingered slap, used as either an assault device or just in recreational humor purposes. This slap is used with your index and middle fingers, and use of more fingers is grounds for instant humiliation. (verb) The action of performing a gee on any human or other organism.
(noun) That's a hell of a gee there son. (verb) HOLY SHIT! I just gee'd the hell out of you!
by The Gee Master October 02, 2008
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Meaning The Geratest Thing In The World Pepole That Baer the Name Gets extrem ammounts of bitches and has alot of money you cand find him in the DMV olny one
Girl:ijuss Sucked Gee dick
Girl2:Yuh Too Its Big isnt it
YuhrBitch:Yeaa the Biggest
by RayvenBoyfriend November 13, 2011
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Noun. a person acting nonsensical and stupid

the act of scaring cats away

a song by the Korean girl pop group "Girls Generation"

Verb. acting in a way that makes someone or something look incredibly white
Look at the Gee trying to dance over there. He's such a geetard.


The GEE monster in Avatar was using this noise to attract mates. Many human beings do this also.

Look at Jared blaring rap music in his car. He's geeing it up so much right now.
by REBEWROCK June 22, 2011
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coming from the arabic work of thing shee it is a version that i launched and it is now used among teens especially girls.
i don't wana do gee, means i don't wana do anything. or if someone asks: what are you doing? you reply by gee, it means i am on doing something that is none of your business, the meaning could change with the spoken tonality
by maZe June 02, 2004
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Unpleasant, shitty, gay

therefore, "so-gee" or "soggy" may be related to something that is exceptionally bad.
"There were no chicks at that party, therefore it was gee"
by Skees McGees December 08, 2007
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