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A same-sex attracted male who is wrapped up in the stereotypical gay identity projected by society. They exude a comically effeminate disney channel teen character.
That guy in mascara and glitter listening to Beyonce is so gaysic.
by guitarman1987 April 17, 2015
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Slang term describing a young gay person, usually male, who lives up to the "basic" stereotypes of being a young gay person. Such include putting several continuous snapchat videos on their stories singing along to pop music, talking with their hands, dressing metro, socially associating primarily with girls, and having noticeably gay or metro-sexual hairstyles. Not term used to offend or marginalize, but for sure a term used by many young people to identify a gay person.
Person 1 "That gay guy's hair is so bouncy on the top"
Person 2 "Definitely gaysic"
by Jmthms June 02, 2016
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