1) When you feel panic around someone of the same sex because you are attracted to them
2) you forgot your flannel or to cuff your jeans
3) when a homosexual feels panic
4) you have to see your homophobic/racist/Karen like relatives for thanksgiving and/or for another holiday and have to hide your gayness
5) someone figures out your sexuality when it wasn’t intentional
Someone: “ Wait she? I thought you were straight.”
Me: gaypanic*
by Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye January 7, 2020
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when a homosexual experiences an exciting romantic/sexual moment with someone of the same gender, and panics.
when a homosexual sees another homosexual being confident and get lots of emotional envy from it, and panics.
a woman was kissed by her female crush and went into Gaypanic.
a man sees a confident individual in the LGBTQ+ community, and it sends him into Gaypanic.
by ChildOfSatan January 21, 2022
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i flirt with bella and she can’t physically take it so it sends her into GayPanic
by Kiersten🏳️‍🌈 February 11, 2021
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When you mentally repeat or physically text something a million times while in the midst of gay panic.
"OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! DID HE JUST K I S S ME!?" The young man mentally gaypanic spams after being kissed by his crush.
by opalescentcow May 10, 2021
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