Someone cuts her own hair, fake tans a bit, but otherwise, a real stunner.

When Gay-Bee's are exluded from class; they make sock puppet shows.
Omg; That Sock Puppet show was amazing! Your such a Gay-Bee!
by Gay-Bee October 9, 2007
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A gay bee is the act of painting yourself yellow and black and sucking another mans dick.
Me and (so and so)just did the “gay bee.” “What’s that?” “Oh, it’s when you paint yourself yellow and black and suck another mans dick.”
by BiGNiGGADick2.0 May 12, 2020
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Somebody who pretends to be homosexual to boost their popularity and be the hottest gossip in school etc. More often than not its a sad fat loser who deciedes hes fed up of being unknown , and in a desperate attempt for social acceptance , he sells his soul to the public and plays up to this new role. Even though the only change in him is his sexuality , he immediately thinks hes gods gift to the world , and because hes surrounded by 'Pretend -friends' who are happy enough to do his bidding he can get away with being full of himself.
1. Gay-a-bee:" I used to be a sad fat loser with no friends"
Normal human being:" Whats changed"
Gay-a-bee:"Well now im Gay."
Normal human being:" Oh Right ..'Gay'"

2. Girl 1 :" Damn i hate that motherfucking Gay-a-bee . Hes so rude and bitchy to me . Why doesent anyone beat the crap outta him!!"
Girl 2 :" Hes gay . Hes allowed to now."
by James Tozer February 2, 2008
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A homosexual who buzzes around the party. In a very social and excited way.
Look at Sam over there. He's gay as a bee.
by Thatshitcray33 January 28, 2016
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