People who are not homosexual but have relations with the same sex in jail to fulfill a much needed orgasm
Jill has a long time boyfriend and had never slept with a girl but when she was sentenced to 9 months in jail, she found herself having sex with girls. She's into men but became gay for the stay
Lesbians jail homosexual
by Stephndano February 12, 2018
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a person that isn't gay but becomes gay for their prison term.
In order to be protected from the other inmates, little Bobby became gay for the stay.
by Dillweed April 3, 2007
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A straight homeless dude who will have sex with another man if can spend the night.
I'm not into men, but occasionally I go gay for stay.
by Nate Moe November 21, 2019
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heterosexuals who get gay in the workplace and only commit acts of homosexuality while on the clock
Mary and Sally both gay for the 9-5 stay, often spent lunch hour munching carpet.
by Dillweed April 3, 2007
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