A saying that is used when reffering to going down the wrong path. It can be used in the figurative or literal sense.

Doing someone another person disagrees with.
Joe - "Lets hangout"
Dave - "Nah man i got work"
Joe - "Wow dude way to go gay street on me"
by Titos334 July 17, 2009
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Young men who while being tough on the street are also very proud of their homosexuality. They pass their time on the street chatting, selling drugs, teasing people as well as lots of other activities. They generally hang around with other street gays but are quite social types and could get on with all sorts of people.
-What's wrong with Guy?

-Guy is terrified of the street gays at the end of his road, he is worried that one day their teasing will turn to violence.

-You know, the way some straight guys talk about them it half sounds like they'd love to be street gays, but just don't have it in them.
by Oochie April 6, 2008
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A phenomena for whatever kind ofimage, that a man or woman appear in public to be gay, but are actually straight in their personal life. Is it to empathize with the oppressed? Or just to be the heppest "mui cool" person around. A sexual poser.
Sally- Kyle is such a fine lookin' man... too bad he's gay, sigh.

Mary- no, I can tell you a very different story, he is gay in the streets, straight in the sheets.
by Alpino July 20, 2010
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