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A straight person, who definitely knows they're straight, but would think about saying yes if a certain person of the same sex say they wanted to date.

The most amount of attraction a straight person can have to the same sex without being gay.
Noah: Yo David. Why do you ONLY follow Dwayne Johnson on Instagram.
David: Dude, he's so awesome. I got a gay spot for him.
Jenny: I feel the same way towards my trainer. She can squat like 450 but is still a complete babe.
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by AyyyyeSupreme July 29, 2017
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A certain sensitive area on a persons body that when touched by someone of the same sex who is a heterosexual, makes you feel immediately gay. A pleasurable sensation comes over the body when this area is touched.
Don't touch me there! Thats my GAY SPOT!
by Allessa May 24, 2014
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