a Furry that is very gay and will kiss anybody's head and will start Furry Dancing.
by Unknown woman jimmy neutron March 25, 2021
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Lycanon the wolf
Lycanon is the gayest furry to live he is such a GAY Furry
by Pedro_dos December 18, 2018
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A Gay furry is Someone who dresses up like a animal but likes to be fucked by other men in Animal costumes.
Friend: Yo dude are you a Gay furry?
dudes other friend: yeah mate
friend: ....
dudes other friend: ....
Friend: come on get in the closet i'll be in there soon
by W H A T S U P D O C September 29, 2020
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springs favorite type of gay porn
gay porn but with furries
sprimg:i love gay furry porn
everyone:we know
._. XDDDD ;-;
by zorcytox October 21, 2020
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A bitch ass fuglet that is indeed a whore who has acquired a twinkie boyfriend that rejects humanity who's name is Elias.
Me:"looks at papyrus"
Me:Look at this rat
Chad: yeah look at this Gay Furry Nigga!
Sans: erererererer..........
by The Ronald McNut October 11, 2019
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