A Scots word, particularly heard in Glasgow, which translates literally as "going to", but is often used in different contexts. Often coupled with "no": "gawny no" is an expression with no exact equivalent in English, but often translated as "don't" or "can you not"
Weegie: Gawny no dae that?
Edinbugger: How
Weegie: Just gawny no?
English person: What on earth are you talking about
by Kirkbuddo September 17, 2015
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To look like some shit the elderly would own.
"Damn, that watch is gawny!"
"I saw this free couch on craigslist but the shit was gawny as hell."
by jesuscheezusofftheheezus March 3, 2015
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this is a meme originated on the app TikTok where the character "Woody" from the 1995 movie "Toy Story" is being looked at with a frightful face by Sid Phillips, the antagonist who destroys toys. This is edited so Woody says, in what sounds to be a Scottish accent, "Im gawny bum you mate". Sid Phillips, the antagonist, runs off the scene. No one actually knows what is meant by this.. I guess it is just unseen Scottish humour.. Recently, kids who have repeated this meme to their classmates have been getting excluded from schools as this is thought by teachers to be a sex joke dispite it not having a definition..
some person: hey you little peabrain idiot diarrhoea doo doo fat boy!
the guy who says the words like an awesome angel: Shut the hell up or Im-gawny-bum-you-mate
by SICKPIGS January 17, 2022
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