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To be amazing. To have the initiative to strive for the furthest and highest places, to achieve greatness, to be the most incredibly beautiful person on the inside and out. To live every day as if it were the most precious day he has left. Though never taking for granted the ability to nag his boyfriend. To be loved more than anything by an Avery.
"That Gavriel sure goes far in life!"

"Boy what a Gavriel!"

"I love my Gavriel so much."
by Averybook November 20, 2008
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A really awesome girl, usually a Thursday, who has crazy blond hair. Very pretty, although not very aware of it and not particularly bothered by it. She is missed by all of her friends who take comfort in her vlogging. She lives far away, but her wit and classic humor make her seem closer. She is an avid bookworm.
Gavriel's carrying a ton of books!

Gavriel's video is up! YAY!
by listentorae February 07, 2011
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