The act of drinking stupid amounts of cheap alcohol, usually the god teir Tesco lager cans or (if you are a filthy degenerate) revero 4 Euro wine/Tesco flaggin.If you’re reading this, wanna go gattin?
-bai 1- ‘ here basis anyone coming gattin today?’
-bais- ‘facts brudder, grab the cans
by Shamberlance May 27, 2018
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The act of playing a video game that involves shooting guns at enemies. Mostly used to describe playing online video games such as Call of Duty or Halo.
Johnny: Hey cat I heard you went to the Call of Duty midnight release the other day.

Miguel: Yea bro I didn't go to bed until noon the next day. I was up all night smoking bud and gattin.
by your mother's vagina blood November 17, 2011
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the action of using a "gat" (gun or gunshot) mulitple times

mainly occuring in a driveby or other occurences containing many guns
homes, im just gattin' like its thursay
by baller icon October 19, 2007
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