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A violent naked roll across the top of bed sheets. Typically a mans maneuver after sexual activities to quickly dry off, and regulate body temperature before sleeping.
Kim: I'm taking a shower, and freshing up. Would you like a towel.
Kyle: I'm good. I gator-rolled across the bed.

When we got to the hotel, the bed looked to be pre gator-rolled.
by Kyleolsenwalsh November 29, 2014
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To insert both hands into a girls vagina (or ass) the proceed to stretch it until you can stick your entire head inside of the girls vag. The as your head is inside the girl you spin violently like an alligator.
I'm totally gonna gator roll my girlfriend tonight. Gonna totally destroy that.
by Waffle claws August 09, 2015
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A variation of the common rickroll, popular among Tegan and Sara fans. Instead of the song Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, T&S's song Alligator is used. Alligator is extremely catchy and can get stuck in one's head for days.
fan 1: hey man, have you seen the new community channel video?
fan 2: OMG no! link me :D
fan 1:
fan 2: DUDE WTF. you ruined this song for me D;
fan 1: you're so easy to gator-roll. it's your own fault.
by girlfriend in a coma May 06, 2010
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Gator roll: A term used to describe the action of grabbing a mans dick with your asscheeks and rolling breaking the mans penis.
I was in jail and dropped the soap, next thing i knew my celly was raping me so i gator rolled his ass.
by KingKrumble September 11, 2019
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