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When your team is down and troubled and needs a helping hand, they must "Gator Up!" In other words they must act like a pro, play like a pro (not be paid like a pro) and stand up to all that is evil. This, in turn, will result in numerous victories and multiple championships!
"The Wildcats are playing terribly this year. I sure do hope we can Gator Up!"
by Lounews September 28, 2007
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When you're down and troubled and you think you need a helping hand, what you really need is to quit complaining, quit seeking soothing advice and begin to simply make it happen! Get tough! Overcome long odds!
Boy those Wildcats are having a miserable year. Maybe they need some gentle reassurance? A little tender loving care? Nah, they simply need to Gator Up if they want to succeed.

Do you want to sling hamburgers for the rest of your life or do you want to make something of your miserable life? Come on man and Gator Up.
by Lounews October 09, 2007
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To double your efforts, to work harder than anyone else, to win, win, win at any cost, to come from behind, to rally when the world is against you, to come out on top when it appeared that all hope was lost.
Things looked oh so bleak for us and then -- almost out of the blue -- we were able to Gator Up and win it all!
by Lounews October 02, 2007
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