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garneau. it’s a really odd looking school, looks like a rainbow prison. there’s different groups. the hockey boys, the popular group, the weird girls, the guys nobody talks to, and the normal people. nobody really mentions garneau at other schools like spk, st matts, bd, gisele and etc. bc it’s not something anyone talks about. everyone has a nicotine addiction and there’s only like four hot guys. they call it “garn barn” because it’s full of snakes. we also have two meme accounts based on garneau but let’s face it: the whole school is a meme
guy: what school do you go to?
girl: garneau, hbu
guy: what’s garneau ?
by Canadian244 April 12, 2019
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Lizzi: Ew, I had the worst night last night
Fredrick: Ahh, why?
Lizzi: My boyfriend was trying to eat me out, but he was just licking my garneau
by dontlickmygarneau October 26, 2010
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