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Garion's are usually fun loving people. They tend to have a high level of intelligence and energy. Almost every Garion in the world is a good looking person. Everybody gets along with Garion's.
I love Garion.
by Chashlea February 08, 2009
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Coolest person ever. Although Garions can be a weird ass people, they are the most fun to hang out with. Cute and REALLY good best friends. Can be pretty good boyfriends too. GREAT at whatever their hobby is ( i.e. Photography, basketball). Very athletic. INSANELY smart!!!!!
"Look at the guy over there, his name is probably Garion!" -Someone
"I have a garion as a best friend!!" -Someone
by Panda bears rule April 23, 2018
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garion is when somone is stupid like garion cus he is very freak
yo that kid is garion out!
by Devin March 27, 2005
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