A douchebag, a fuckboy, a jerk, someone you wanna run over, literally any word you could use to describe someone you hate; Aric
him: bro he’s such a garbage person
her: what’s a garbage person


him: bro he’s such a garbage person, he’s dated so many girls
by Stupidstuffwithsteve December 08, 2019
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You see that garbage person over there... He stands for nothing... Narcissist... He is a garbage person. Like Donald Trump... I would not piss on him even if he was on fire... Not worth my time.
by Dhhdhdheje January 11, 2021
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An irresponsible low-life loser piece of shit that leeches off of their friends because they are such a piece of shit. A dirty deperate slut who meets losers on the internet. No common sense and peddles her ass to anybody that will stick their cock in her dirty snatch.
That bitch is a fucking garbage person. She is so fucking stupid...what a waste of space.
by abndad77 July 10, 2008
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