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Ganstanger is a gangster who drives a Mustang.
Damian is a ganstanger because he drives a mustang.
by Damian January 24, 2005
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A person who owns a mustang, with these issues: Clutch burnt out at 3500 miles. Warranty replaced.

Shifter got stuck between gears from new (possibly cause of the clutch going out). Dealer wouldn't fix because he said it was normal and I laughed when he couldn't get it into gear to pull it out of the shop.

Warped head at 7500 miles. Dealer replaced it, but commented that I must have been running the car hard to cause this sort of damage.

Power front seat was broken after I got it back from the dealer after head work being done. Dealer replaced. Would also run hot after the head was replaced.
My mustang sees the dealer more than my driveway.
by bobomb January 31, 2005
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