The ancient sanskrit name for the now called ganja, which is a term used for Marijuana.

The plant was first called Ganjika which means "belonging to the ganges(river)".

It grew naturally along the ganges river and its smell attracted royals.
Like shah jahan, the king who built the Taj Mahal .
king: I am awfully stressed before this battle

servant: let me bring you some ganjika sire it will definitely help.

king: of course, bring it to me at once.
by slugsgirl March 23, 2009
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what i heard actually is that ganges means tension, and that gangica means release of tension, therefore the name ganja is broken translation used by rastas in the west indes as a bad translation of the original term, which was gangika, meaning release of tension. This is what i was told, though i'm having trouble finding the proof for this.
My body and mind are tense like this river, let me relieve my tension with ganjika
by Psedonymiac November 15, 2009
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