The act of dangling one's testicles within close quarters of another peer's face while they sleep. It is important for the individual to not wake the victim.

(Also known as part of the inferior cerebral cortex, just superior to the diencephalon, in the dull biological world.)
That fucker Brandon fell asleep with his shoes on last night, so I basal ganglianed that nigga.
by Sean "Droke" Hirst February 09, 2006
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1)Bunch of nuclei in brain that deal with movement

Also, much like 'forget about it', has many meanings and you gotta emphasize your mood when you say it else people get confuzzled

2) You agree with someone
3) You disagree with someone
4) You think something is the greatest thing in the world
5) You want someone to go to hell
6) You think something sucks
7) You think someone is a mook
8) You think someone is a bullshitter
9) You sympathise with someone

1) "The basel ganglia helps control most basic motor skills"

2) Sandy: "My gig's gonna be a roksoka!"
Nav: "Sure"
Fiz: "Basel ganglia"
Sandy "Aha, safety!"

3) Claire: "He misses all of us"
Fiz: "Basel ganglia, he wouldn't give a shit even if he could find his ass with both hands"

4) JJ: "That is my favourite too"
Fiz: "No doubt, it's the basel ganglia"

5) Luis: "Eyes left, it's Fiona, Ash's posh bitch!"
Fiz: "Basel ganglia!"

6) Fiz: "This Basel ganglia, wish I was free"
T-Cakes: "Can't they do it anotehr day?"

7) Fiz: "Ruth is...*grr*"
Yahweh: "...basel ganglia?"
Fiz: *nods* "A basel ganglia"

8) Mz: "Is it true?"
Fiz: "Some's gotta be but she's sucha basel ganglia I can never tell"

9) Aaron: "Go blown in the head when you miss someone"
Fiz: "Basel ganglia! *le sigh* Jeez, heavy for ya, no Qs"
by +Fizza+ November 23, 2005
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